Il Gabbiano Hotel Cesenatico
Il Gabbiano Hotel Cesenatico
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Il Gabbiano Hotel Cesenatico

the holiday with a thousand faces

Cesenatico, Romagna

From a small fishing village, it has developed into a charming little town, dominated by the blue of the sea and the colours of the canal harbour. One's gaze never tires of admiring the fishermen’s old luggers, with their brightly-coloured sails.

In Cesenatico the mind can relax enjoying beach life, while the eyes are dazzled by the colours of the horizon at sunset, the palate is enchanted by the famous Romagna cuisine and, last but not least, the heart is satisfied by the willing smiles of the inhabitants, who welcome guests with a passion.

Cesenatico is a maritime city where ancient blends with modern, which has grown up around its canal harbour, always maintaining a human scale. It offers its visitors delightful places, flavours, atmospheres and colours.

Il Gabbiano Hotel Cesenatico

land of smiles and hospitality

Enchanting Romagna

Ancient medieval villages scattered in the hinterland among castles that touch the sky, narrow streets that draw the eye up ascents and slopes framed by nature, landscapes that leave you breathless...

In Romagna the scenery is diverse, sweeping from sea to mountains, encompassing ancient towns rich in history and traditions, fascinating all who choose to visit by car or even by bicycle, thanks to the moderate distances and cycle paths.