Il Gabbiano Hotel Cesenatico
Il Gabbiano Hotel Cesenatico
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Il Gabbiano Hotel Cesenatico

on the terrace of a thousand

Light Lunch

Lunch on the Terrace
A quick lunch before heading to the beach at the new "Terrace of the Thousand," your lunch with a view curated by Chef Davide.
Service by reservation and for a fee.

Choose your favorite dishes from our curated MENU A LA CARTA.
Some examples of the express dishes you can enjoy on the terrace:

  • EARTH: melon and crudo di parma / bresaola rucola and grana / buffalo campana and crudo di parma...
  • SEA: smoked tuna carpaccio / marinated anchovies, misticanza and cherry tomatoes...
  • BRUSCHETTE: crudo di parma / buffalo, anchovies and cherry tomatoes...
  • SALADS: caprese / Greek...
  • FILLED PIADINE: cotto / salami nostrano / mortadella...
  • PIADINE GOURMET: speck, brie and truffle cream / mortadella, pistachio cream and scquaquerone
  • FRESH FRUIT: fruit salad / pineapple / melon...
  • SWEETS: apple pie / homemade ice cream / piadina roll and nutella...

dinner at the hotel

Show Cooking Restaurant

Dinner at the Hotel with the Half Board formula
Show cooking restaurant with assisted buffet service served directly by the chef.
You will find first courses, main courses, side dishes, fruits, desserts, sorbets and ice cream.

Il Gabbiano Hotel Cesenatico

your light lunch


Take advantage of our tasty light lunch served in the Terrace of the Thousand before resuming your day at the beach.

Il Gabbiano Hotel Cesenatico
Il Gabbiano Hotel Cesenatico